Be smarter with your money and earn $ value from your data

You're worth more than you think. Take control of your finances and discover how your data can help you save, borrow and earn better rewards simply by being you.

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Take control and unlock value from your financial data!

Track your money, slash spend, earn more

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Understand your expenses through automated tracking
Save more when you spend at your favourite brands
Receive personalised deals on loans and credit cards

Unlock your data to make it work for you

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Discover all the insights, deals and advice you need in one app
Share your anonymised data to receive tailored deals
Let your data speak to receive unbiased advice

Live a better financial life and build wealth

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Track your cashflows to live within your means
Borrow money when you need it but at affordable rates
Grow your wealth sustainably for a better future for your family

Use your financial data to get the best deals

Get all your financial data in one app

Hate wasting time tracking your money across multiple apps?

Use Dobin to get on top of your money quicker and easier:
Track your savings to manage them wisely and grow them faster
Check your cashflow to live within your means and gain peace of mind
Understand your expenses to uncover hidden fees and cut unnecessary spend

Use your data to get incredible discounts

Bored by worthless discounts and spammy offers?

Use Dobin to receive the upsized and meaningful discount offers you deserve:
No need to look for the best offers, they come to you right in the app
Share your anonymised data to receive higher discounts
Save money every month on your usual spend by using meaningful discounts

Use your data to get the best credit cards

Feel like you're missing out on the best credit card rewards?

Use Dobin to find out which card gets you maximum rewards:
Understand the true value of rewards that you get on your existing credit cards
Find out, in seconds, which of the 100+  cards offered in Singapore are best for you
Maximise the rewards you earn on every $ you spend on cards

Use your data to get loans with best terms

Looking to make a big purchase but don't know where to begin?

Use Dobin to be in the driving seat, get approved for loans with attractive interest rates:
Request for loan offers by simply saying how much you want to borrow and why
Share your anonymised data with banks and lenders so they recognise your needs better
Get three great loan offers to choose from within the app

Your data, your rules: You are in control

We take your data seriously. Take a look at how we use your data to give you insights by sharing it securely and anonymously with our partners.


Your data will never be shared with anyone (even us!) without your explicit permission. Your data is anonymised to protect your privacy.


You’re in complete control of your data. View a summary of your data collected by Dobin, pause or revoke data collection and delete your data at any time.


We take security very seriously. We protect your data by using multiple layers of encryption and enable the latest data security technology