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Master Your Money and Rewards To Simplify Your Life


See where your money goes and know your rewards

  • Track your bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place
  • Keep an eye on your credit cards’ rewards and lifestyle benefits
  • Stay on top of your expenses to avoid unwanted charges
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Maximise your card rewards and never pay full price

  • Use the right credit card to earn maximum rewards on each purchase
  • Get discounts from brands you shop at to cut your everyday spend
  • Earn extra rewards when you shop or get a new credit card through Dobin
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Spend better, know better, live better

  • Outsmart your money and save a little more to invest in your future
  • Let Dobin help you find the right credit card that truly fits your needs
  • Don’t waste your time on spreadsheets, let Dobin do the hard work
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Your financial data
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Your data will never be shared with anyone (even us!) without your explicit permission. Even then, your data is always anonymised to protect your privacy.


Your data, your rules. Choose to opt-in for a personalised experience or opt-out to pause, revoke or delete your data. You make the call.


Your data is protected with multiple layers of encryption. For robust security, we only partner with businesses with stringent security measures.