The only app you need for financial peace of mind.

Your financial data holds the full picture of your money. Master it by tracking where your money goes, consolidate your accounts and work towards your goals in one place.

Dobin - Your one app to unify all your financial data.

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The faster and simpler way
to reach your financial goals


Money in and money out
is no longer a mystery.

  • Unify your finances in one place, across all banks
  • Gain total clarity of your cashflow and learn how you can save
  • Understand your habits with automated spend categorizations

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Master your spending with discounts you’ll actually use.

  • Never miss an opportunity to find amazing deals
  • Connect your accounts to get curated discounts
  • Offset spending on everyday purchases

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EARN Coming Soon

Identify the best credit cards
on the market in seconds.

  • Dobin scours the market to curate only the best cards for you
  • Know which credit card to get–whether you’re Team Miles or Cashback
  • Maximise rewards on your spending to help you reach your goal

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BORROW Coming Soon

Fund big purchases with loans at friendly rates.

  • Get attractive loan offers from licensed banks and reputable lenders
  • Compare multiple loan offers to find the best interest rate
  • Share your financial profile anonymously when you’re ready to sign up

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The reviews are in.

Here’s how Dobin is shaking things up!

"Dobin has helped me uncover a fraudulent transaction that I never knew happened. I cancelled the card afterwards and ordered a replacement card. Without Dobin, I’d have never known!"

Dobin testimonial


"Integrating my bank account on Dobin gave me instant visibility on all my transactions. I even uncovered recurring charges that I’ve been paying for years without knowing."

Dobin testimonial


"I have always been on the lookout for coupons but always feel lost on where the find the good ones. I am amazed about all the great discounts that Dobin shows me. I clearly was missing out and was over paying for so long"

Dobin testimonial


"Dobin has been a game-changer in the way I track my expenses and income. It's given me the financial visibility on my spending habits I never knew I was missing on. It has allowed me to optimise how I use my credit cards and better plan for my future!"

Dobin testimonial


"Tracking my expense has never been easier with Dobin. I especially love how it automatically categorises my spending for me and gives me the financial clarity I never knew I needed!"

Dobin testimonial


Privacy & Security

Your financial data
is safe and secure–always

We take your data privacy seriously. Take a look at how we use your data to give you personalised insights and exclusive offers from our trusted partners.


Your data will never be shared with anyone (even us!) without your explicit permission. Even then, your data is always anonymised to protect your privacy.

With Dobin, user's data will never be shared with anyone without your explicit permission. And your data is always anonymised to protect your privacy.


Your data, your rules. Choose to opt-in for a personalised experience or opt-out to pause, revoke or delete your data. You make the call.

With Dobin, users are always in complete control of how their data is used.


Your data is protected with multiple layers of encryption. For robust security, we only partner with businesses with stringent security measures.

With Dobin, users can be rest assured that their data is protected with multiple layers of encryption. Dobin always collaborates with trusted partners who prioritise security to ensure robust protection.