Transforming the way you unlock value from your data

For too long, your data has been out of your reach. And it’s getting in the way of your financial goals. We created an app to bring it back into your hands.

Group picture of Dobin's co-founders; Khaled Benguerba (Chief Executive Officer), Erwan Mace (Chief Technology Officer), Gyanendra Singh (Chief Product Officer).

Our Story

At Dobin, we believe that data holds the key to unlocking smarter financial management.

Our mission is to empower you to harness the full potential of your data, enabling you to enhance your financial well-being and demonstrate your value to merchants and partners.

With one app, you can seamlessly access your financial data from multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Through strategic partnerships with financial institutions and businesses, we translate your data into meaningful rewards, including high-value discounts, curated deals, and attractive credit terms.

Dobin is not just a financial tool. It’s your trusted ally in proving your creditworthiness, purchasing power, and profitability to those who offer valuable products and deals.

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Entirely free to use, Dobin puts the power of your data squarely in your hands

Our Vision

To be the leading financial platform in Southeast Asia that empowers everyone to reach their full financial potential.

Dobin vision
Dobin mission
Dobin mission
Dobin mission

Our Mission

To unlock the power of financial data by leveraging Open Finance, which means open access to financial data, and Artificial Intelligence, to bring the best deals to consumers and the best customers to businesses.

Meet Dobin’s leadership team!

Our co-founders bring together decades of experience that span across Payments, Technology, and Data Analytics.

Dobin Co-Founder: Khaled Benguerba (Chief Executive Officer).

Khaled Benguerba

CEO & Co-Founder

Dobin Co-Founder: Erwan Mace (Chief Technology Officer).

Erwan Mace

CTO & Co-Founder

Dobin Co-Founder: Gyanendra Singh (Chief Product Officer).

Gyanendra Singh

CPO & Co-Founder