Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Dobin? Get your answers here.

Dobin is a Singapore-based fintech company that uses advanced data analytics techniques, such as Artificial Intelligence, to extract valuable insights from bank account transaction data.

Users of the Dobin app can then share insights from their own data with lenders, merchants, and other service providers to receive personalised offers such as loans and discount coupons. Our partners provide these attractive offers to acquire new customers or further engage with their existing customers, so it’s a win-win!

Dobin operates under the strict application of Singapore’s regulatory requirements. This includes the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which aims to protect personal data for its collection, use, disclosure, and care.

Our network of partners is constantly growing as we onboard new lenders, merchants, and other service providers.

Our partners typically put innovation front and centre to improve how they service customers and drive their business.

No, Dobin doesn’t provide loans. Instead, we partner with multiple money lenders and financial institutions to make sure we bring you attractive loan offers you can choose to apply for.

We give no preferential treatment to any of our partners. What matters to us is that our users get the best possible offers from our partners. We see ourselves as the “middleman” who helps normal people “trade” insights from their data in exchange for the best offer from our partners.

All money lenders and merchants in our network have the same opportunity to present a competitive offer. We never promote one specific partner or offer on our platform or recommend a product that isn’t a good fit based on our data analysis. It is always up to our users to decide which offer suits them best.

No, our service is free of charge for users, our role is to help you manage your money and make informed decisions to find the best possible loan, offer, or credit card. When you accept an offer using our service, we get paid a small service fee from the lender or the merchant or the bank but this doesn’t impact the products on offer. We never get paid more to promote one financial product or service provider over another, and we make recommendations based on data – nothing else.

Your bank account data is more valuable than ever as new technology allows you to easily extract important insights regarding your spend preference and credit profile.

Unfortunately, putting together all this information is a time-consuming and complex process. That’s why our users rely on Dobin. Dobin is an easy-to-use app that allows you to monetize your data, unlock its insights, and turn it into a valuable asset to use to your advantage.

At Dobin, our users are always in control. While we use your data, the holder of the bank account the data comes from remains its owner. Each user is in complete control of what data is collected and what data insight derived from it is shared, and can make personalised consent preferences in the app. Dobin will never collect, access or share any data unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

Yes. All data stored on Dobin is secured through multiple layers of encryption. By implementing the most advanced technologies, we can ensure that no one can access, use, or tamper with your data without your permission.

Dobin collects data sitting on users’ bank accounts such as details on transactions (e.g. purchases, transfers, cash withdrawals), account balances (e.g. on current and saving accounts) and financial product owned (e.g, credit cards, loans). Dobin does not collect sensitive or personal information such as names, addresses, payment information, and card details.

You can view exactly what has been collected through your dashboard. Users are in complete control of which bank account is accessed by Dobin and what data is collected — you can pause or revoke data collection and delete data already collected at any time.

Absolutely not. Dobin’s access to your bank account is “read only”. This means that Dobin can only view information and cannot send instructions to your bank account to perform an action.

No one (including the Dobin team) can access any user data without the user’s explicit permission. The way we store data makes it only accessible to those who own the data.

Every movement of your data is recorded on a ledger which can be accessed through your Dobin account at any time on your dashboard.

No. Dobin has no access to user data, and therefore cannot share it with anyone. The data can only be accessed by the owner of the data and those they have shared it with.

You can permanently delete your Dobin account from the app's Settings / Content & Privacy menu. Alternatively, you can also decide to remove all data from your device while keeping your account.