Data security, privacy, and control.

The protection of your data privacy is our top priority. Hear from our CEO, Khaled Benguerba, about how we ensure your data remains secure and private.

Dobin - Your one app to unify all your financial data.

A Message from our
CEO and Co-founder,
Khaled Benguerba

Given the type of financial data we handle here at Dobin, we understand the paramount importance of data privacy and security.

With decades of experience in finance and data analytics, I’ve championed these principles throughout my career, from leading Visa's advisory and data analytics division across Asia Pacific to holding pivotal roles at American Express and prestigious investment banking firms.

Dobin is no exception – we’ve implemented stringent measures to secure your financial data.

Our app employs a multi-layered encryption approach, ensuring the utmost security. Dobin can only connect to your bank accounts with your explicit permission, utilising a two-factor authentication process. Even in these instances, Dobin maintains a view-only access to your data–with no information ever stored on our servers.

Your trust in Dobin is the foundation of our mission, and we’re dedicated to keeping your data secure and private, always.

Khaled Benguerba (CEO & Co-founder)

Your Trust, Our Priority

Our unwavering commitment ensures that your data remains confidential and protected while using our platform. Discover the measures we've put in place to ensure peace of mind as you manage your finances with Dobin.


User Authorisation & 2FA

User authorization 2FA

Dobin can only access your transactions and balances to display on the app, which is done via two-factor authentication (2FA).

Secure Credential Storage

Secure credential storage

We don’t store your bank login details on our servers. They are securely stored on your phone (on the Apple Keychain or the Android Keystore).

Storage & Transmission

Encrypted Data Storage

Encrypted data storage

We use Google’s Cloud Infrastructure, which benefits from the same security levels as Google’s own services. Please find more details here.

ISO 27001 Certified Security

ISO27001 certified security

We exclusively collaborate with partners who are ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for information security management.


Enhanced Device Security

Enhanced device security face ID

To ensure that only you can access your financial data, Face ID, Touch ID, or PIN entry is required. For added security, the Dobin app will lock after 30 seconds of inactivity.

View-only access

Limited transaction access view only data

We can only retrieve your financial data to show you an aggregated view of your finances. We don’t perform any other transactional services–only you have full control.


Your Data, Your Rules

Opt-in data sharing

We give you the flexibility to opt in or opt out of data sharing. When you opt in, your data will be kept strictly anonymized and will not be shared with any external parties.

Singapore PDPA-compliant

Singapore PDPA compliant

To protect your privacy, all user data is stored anonymously with restricted access in compliance with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) regulations.