Track & Understand

Never second-guess your next money move

One app to keep track of all your bank accounts, transfers, credit card payments, and more. Say goodbye to spreadsheets–it’s financial visibility at its finest.

Dobin app view of a user's cashflow trend.

Get a crystal-clear view
of your cash flow

We believe your money should always be in plain sight. Enjoy ultimate financial visibility when you connect your bank accounts and credit cards on your trusty Dobin app.

Dobin app view of all a consolidated summary of your bank accounts and credit card balances.
Dobin app view of your cashflow trends of your income and expenses.

View trends and
balances easily

See your monthly cashflow and expenses at a glance–empowering you to spend smarter and reach your goals faster. These insights are the roadmap to your financial landscape.

Spot spending habits
with automated tracking

The better way to review your monthly spending. Dobin automatically tracks and tags expenses into categories. That way, you never miss a beat.

Dobin app view of the automated categorisation of transactions without any manual input from the user.
Dobin app view of how user's can connect their accounts while ensuring multiple layers of encryption to their data.

Extra-secure data protection, 24/7

Keeping your data safe and private is our top priority. We implement multiple layers of bank-level security to protect your financial information.