Aug 22, 2023
7 mins read

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Shopee Promo Codes and Vouchers 2023 (We Tested This Out Ourselves)

Man looks for discounts while online shopping on Shopee

It’s no secret that no one likes paying full price (if they can get away with it). If you are a Dobin user, chances are you’re always on the lookout for tactics that will maximise your savings potential.

This is especially true if you’re embarking on your next Shopee haul–where the must-haves and the want-to-have items slowly start to stack up in your cart.

Fortunately, we can take a page out of the savvy Shopee enthusiast’s playbook. The secret? Finding the best promo codes and vouchers to offset expenses and boost your shopping budget.

In short, if you know, you know.

So, before you hit "check out", be sure to apply these tips and tricks to make every Shopee purchase a pocket-friendly expense. Happy shopping!

How to discover vouchers and discounts on Shopee?

1. Bank's Payment Promotions

Banks payment promotions

Source: Shopee

Unlike most of Shopee’s promos, this one does not come with a nerve-wracking countdown. Shopee's partnerships with leading banks and digital wallets open up exclusive discounts that you’re likely to be eligible for. Credit and debit cardholders, as well as users of specific payment apps, often enjoy exclusive promotions too.

Linking your payment method can lead to instant discounts, cashback rewards, and even special access to early sales. Simply check out the list of partner banks and wallets to maximize your savings potential, stat.

Promotions include:

  • Deals of the Month
  • Bank of the Day
  • Shop by Categories
  • Other Deals
  • Preferred Bank Card

2. Shopee Flash Deals

Shopee flash deals

Source: Shopee

Shopee's Flash Deals are like fleeting treasures waiting to be claimed–if you’re fast enough. From fashion to electronics, cosmetics to diapers, these time-limited discounts offer jaw-dropping price cuts for a wide variety of products that are too good to miss. Whether you're looking to replace your worn-out earpiece or stock up on home essentials, it’s worth keeping tabs on these flash deals for remarkable savings that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

💡 Expert Insight: Try to check the Flash Deals section on your Shopee app at 6-hour intervals starting from 12 pm, 6 pm, midnight, as well as 6 am (if you’re extremely committed) for a headstart at the best deals before they sell out.

Promotions include:

  • Top Picks
  • $2 Shop (yes, everything’s literally priced at $2)
  • Up to 50% off across best-selling categories that range from Electronics to Health & Beauty

3. Shopee Live Vouchers

Shopee live vouchers

Are you a Shopee Live newbie? With up to 30% vouchers up for grabs, this is one arena of discounts that shouldn’t be overlooked. Livestream users are often welcomed with exclusive vouchers and discounts that can significantly lower the original price. There are just a couple of hoops to jump through. Be sure to check out which merchant is streaming (8 pm to 11 pm every day) to see if anything piques your interest.

Once you’ve joined the live stream of your choice, add the product from the live stream to your cart directly and apply the “Added From Live” vouchers to the item to successfully enjoy the discount. Voila, that’s extra dollars shaved off your total!

However, it’s worth noting that Shopee Live is only available on mobile devices.

4. Shopee Supermarket Weekly Super Savers

Shopee supermarket weekly super saver

Turn your weekly grocery runs into a budget-friendly endeavour when you check Shopee’s Weekly Super Savers for their curated bundles of everyday essentials. The week this article was written featured lucrative deals of up to 57% off self-care products that would go a long way to supercharge your spending power. True enough, the promo includes a popular body soap in a bundle of 4 for $19.90 (usual price $39.00), perfect to stock up for the entire household when you’re running out of supply.

💡 Expert Insight: At the time of the article, UOB card members are eligible for $6 off Shopee Supermarket items with a minimum spend of $80*. Plus, UOB One card members are eligible for up to 15% cashback*.

5. Shopee OOTD

Shopee ootd

We get it, staying on trend can be expensive. That’s why buying your monthly wardrobe staples can add up to a pretty penny if we aren’t careful. Luckily, Shopee rolls out weekly promotions specifically for the fashion category that can shave off those extra dollars (and pesky buyer’s remorse). Known as Shopee OOTD, be sure to keep an eye out first thing Monday when it refreshes at the start of every week.

6. Shopee Daily Coins Rewards and Shopee Prizes

Shopee coins

If you're a Shopee regular, you're likely familiar with Shopee Coins and how they could go a long way to offset your spending. They are so ingrained in the Shopee experience that earning them is a total breeze. This includes checking into the Coins Rewards page once a day, playing Shopee’s in-app games or simply leaving a video product review.

These virtual coins are nothing to sneeze at as they can be used to offset your future expenses by a decent amount–especially if you’re able to redeem them for Shopee vouchers. To optimise them would then come down to when instead of how. Our suggestion is to wait until you’ve earned a minimum of 250 coins to enjoy a decent discount. At the time of this article, 250 coins will give you a sizeable $6 off Shopee Mall vouchers. Think of the many brands you can get at a steal!

It’s worth noting that 100 Shopee Coins are worth about $1. While you can use them for any purchase in Shopee there are some caveats to keep in mind:

  • You can only redeem up to 30% of the purchase price
  • There is a daily cap of 1,000 coins

7. Social Media Giveaways

Shopee facebook

Shopee loves engaging with its users on social media platforms. Follow Shopee's official Instagram and Facebook accounts to participate in contests, giveaways, and scavenger hunts. Often, these activities come with hidden voucher codes or exclusive discounts that can sweeten your shopping experience.

The only catch is that it’ll come in the form of liking and sharing their posts in order to qualify. But hey, getting up to 89% off on your next skincare spree on Shopee sounds like a good deal to us!

8. Festival Sales

Shopee festive sale

Whether it's Christmas, Chinese New Year, or the infamous double date sales (think of 6.6, 7.7, 8.8 and so on) Shopee’s festival promotions have grown to be as anticipated as the holiday itself. Savvy shoppers flock to the app for site-wide discounts, free shipping, special vouchers, and time-sensitive deals that can supercharge your savings much more than what you would normally earn on a typical day.

Case in point: time your Shopee hauls right to level up your savings potential. According to these Shopee insiders , the best time to shop for big-ticket purchases at a steal is during the second half of the year. More specifically, Black Friday and 12.12.

Shopee’s biggest sale campaigns to mark in your calendars:

Name of sale campaign Date
1.1 New Year Sale 1 - 3 Jan
CNY Sale 2 - 24 Jan
3.3 Shopper’s Festival 3 - 15 Mar
3.15 Consumer Day Sale 26 Feb - 15 Mar
Shopee Ramadan Sale 16 Apr - 2 May
5.5 Sale 21 Apr - 5 May
8.8 National Day Sale 26 July - 8 Aug
9.9 Super Shopping Day 21 Aug - 9 Sep
10.10 Brands Festival Sale 22 Sep - 10 Oct
11.11 Big Sale 22 Oct - 11 Nov
12.12 Birthday Sale 23 Nov - 14 Dec
Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale 24 Nov - 15 Dec
Christmas Party Sale 25 Dec

*Note: Sale campaign dates will likely change. Be sure to check this every year.

Key Takeaway: Finding Shopee vouchers is not for the faint of heart

While we’ve covered the discount-hunting tactics on Shopee extensively, it is merely scratching the surface of what the Shopee universe holds for the financially conscious shopper.

Unless you have hours to spare to explore every nook and cranny, it’s going to be difficult to stay on top of these tactics to enjoy higher savings on the things you love. But that’s where Dobin comes in to save the day.

Dobin scours the internet and filters thousands of readily available discounts to curate the best discounts for you. The best part? It’s personalised according to your shopping habits, something that is uniquely and exclusively yours. That way, you only get the most valuable deals in seconds–without the inconvenience of looking for them yourself on the Shopee app.

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