Aug 30, 2023
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Lazada Promo Codes and Discounts 2023: How To Earn More Savings During Lazada's 9.9 Sale

Lazada 9.9 sale how to save more

Lazada, the e-commerce platform that’s made its name among savvy discount hunters, needs no introduction.

The online shopping paradise boasts an amazing range of products (from Redmart to Taobao) and branded retailers to ensure you’d find everything you might possibly need at your fingertips.

Lazada’s promotional festivals, like the upcoming 9.9 sale, promise to be a shopping extravaganza filled with amazing deals and slashed prices. Acquiring savings is not complicated–but it’s important to know where to look and how to stack vouchers to earn as much savings as you can.

Whether you’re new to the online shopping game or a seasoned veteran, get ready to delve into the world of strategic shopping as we unveil the secrets to mastering Lazada's 9.9 sale.

What is the Lazada 9.9 sale?

Held on the 9th of September each year, the 9.9 sale marks the beginning of the end-of-year shopping season–with unbeatable deals, flash sales and promotions. Last year, Lazada offered discounts of up to 90% off across over 250 brands. Plus, they even included free shipping as a cherry on top.

But there are ways to save even more.

How to earn even more savings on Lazada? Promo codes, cashback and more

1. Collect and stack Lazada vouchers

Stack lazada vouchers

If you’ve read our Shopee guide , you will know that vouchers are the name of the game when it comes to maximizing your savings. Luckily, the same formula applies to Lazada.

There’s no shortage of vouchers, cashback and free shipping perks–if you know how to collect them. Lazada colour codes their vouchers, so it’s easier to know if you’ve covered all your bases. The best part? You can stack multiple vouchers to max out your savings.

How to stack Lazada vouchers?

An example of how to effectively stack Lazada vouchers:

One Shipping Voucher + One Bank/Payment Voucher + One Store Discount Voucher + Available Lazada Bonus

What are the different types of vouchers on Lazada?

Type of voucher Colour What it looks like Description
LazBonus Purple Lazada bonus

The amount of LazBonus you’ve accumulated will be used to offset the total amount.

Note that this discount is only applicable to products with the “LazBonus” label.

Flash Vouchers Red Lazada flash voucher Released at regular intervals of 12 am, 12 pm and 6 pm. Typically comes with a limited quantity and a short validity period.
Cashback Vouchers Pink Lazada daily cashback Get up to 15% cashback on your spending when you checkout.
RedMart Vouchers Pink/Blue Lazada redmart vouchers RedMart Vouchers is a category that includes cashback and bank vouchers.
Seller & Brand Vouchers Red Lazada seller and branch vouchers

Discounts tied specifically to a brand or seller.

Plan your checkout days in advance so you can capitalize on the best days for specific items in your wishlist.

Bank Vouchers Blue Lazada bank vouchers

Lazada partners with banks to give irresistible deals, at a catch.

Check if you have one of the participating cards or method of payment to ensure a successful redemption.

Free Shipping Green Lazada platform free shipping

Skip on shipping fees when you checkout.

Probably the easiest voucher to earn! Don’t forget to collect these as they’re available daily with minimal restrictions.

2. Pay attention to product tags

Lazada’s product listings are amazingly descriptive. So much so that it would clue you in on the kind of promotions it’s eligible for at a glance. For the upcoming 9.9 sale in particular, you would know that the product listing reflects the lowest price possible if it includes the “9.9” label.

Lazada product listing free shipping

Moreover, the other deals available for that particular product will be prominently displayed, categorised by the colours we’ve listed in the table above.

💡 Expert Insight: Free shipping is light green, cashback is pink. The more you use Lazada, the more intuitive the experience will be. Trust the process.

3. Make sure you’re using the right credit card and/or payment method

With bank partners that include Singapore’s leading banks such as DBS, OCBC, HSBC and UOB, chances are the credit card you have right now could make a difference in your total spend. At the time of writing this article, paying with a DBS or POSB debit card will shave off up to $8 off but only if you meet the minimum spend of $150.

💡 Expert Insight: Before you check out, remember to take a quick peek at your Payment Options under the “Account” tab. If you’re looking to qualify for Lazada’s Bank Vouchers, be sure to select the cards that comply with the participating bank/credit card.

4. Remember to toggle cashback before check out

This one goes to seasoned Lazada veterans who have dutifully accumulated cashback on their purchases. As it’s termed a “Post-purchase Benefit”, you can only offset your cashback amount on a subsequent purchase.

Lazada redmart checkout

If you have already accumulated cashback on the app, don’t forget to toggle cashback before you make your purchase. Missed opportunities like this can make a huge difference in your savings potential. So, keep an eye out for it!

5. Check out your cart strategically

According to the Lazada insiders in this article , the timing of when you click “Check Out” is crucial. In preparation for a big sale like the 9.9, you ought to start adding items to your cart days in advance so you don’t miss out on them.

Some items are so sought after that they sell out in seconds. Avoidable missed opportunities like that are not how we make smart spending decisions here at Dobin.

💡 Expert Insight: Once the start of the sale arrives–preferably at the stroke of midnight–quickly check out your cart with your stacked vouchers in tow. This ensures that you’ve made use of all the best deals available on Lazada.

Lazada Promo Code FAQs

How to use Lazada promo code?

Some products on Lazada come with exclusive promo codes that you can apply upon check out. It is important to remember that it only applies to certain products and it will clearly show the code in the product image itself.

Here is an example of the promo code feature:

Lazada promo code

Where to key in promo code in Lazada?

Go to your Cart. Scroll to the selected item. Enter the voucher code below the item and click “Apply” to redeem. If it works, you will see the discounted amount. If not, there will be a message that explains why the redemption was unsuccessful.

Lazada redmart key in promo code

In Conclusion: Many hoops to jump through when it comes to stacking vouchers and coupons on Lazada

There’s no denying that the platform's treasure trove of vouchers and discounts holds the key to unlocking even more savings and maximizing your shopping budget.

However, the terms and conditions in each voucher make it hard to determine whether it means it can be used upon checkout. In this writer’s experience, the biggest savings are only earned when you plan to spend a significant amount of at least $200.

That said, automating the process would be a lifesaver for anyone who wants to shop at wallet-friendly prices without the hassle of bargain hunting. With Dobin, this is easily solved.

How does Discounts on the Dobin app work?

Once you’ve downloaded the Dobin app, head over to the “Discounts” tab and type “Lazada” in the search bar. The results will show the relevant vouchers that you can instantly apply for maximum savings.

Dobin app discounts feature

What’s more, you can refer to “Your Average Monthly Spend” and “Your Potential Savings” to get an idea of the savings that are available to you if you were to activate the vouchers on Dobin.

Ready to get started? Download the Dobin app today.